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Slushie Machine hire or cocktail machine – Double Bowl 24L

Our slushie machine hire Sydney is an ideal way to add fun for kids (and nostalgia for adults too) at your next event. Including a double bowl, this machine can churn out slurpees, juices, iced coffee, frappes for your events and functions. An amazing way to add a touch of fun for kids!

Better yet, this slushie machine can also be suitable for adults too. Simply add any alcohol (after the slushy has been churned out) and you will have a frozen cocktail! This means that this can also function as an alcoholic slushie machine hire Sydney.  Your guests will love it! The stylish stainless steel design will integrate nicely with any event interior and decorations.

This is also a cheap slushie machine hire option in Sydney as it includes a double bowl. This means that you can provide your guests with two options or flavours – or pick two of the same! This means that this Sydney slushy machine hire can accomodate for large groups.

What is included in the slushie machine hire?
  • 1x high quality commercial grade slushy machine which makes 120 servings
  • 100x cups
  • 100x straws
  • Choice of any 2 flavours- for children and adults, add your own alcohol.

Standard Flavours

Cola, Blue lemonade, Raspberry, Lime, Orange, Pineapple, Wildberry, Blueberry, Mango, Strawberry, Passionfruit, Pinelime,

Tropical, Watermelon, Grape, Bubble Gum, Muskstick, Red Apple, Green Apple, Peach, Pear, Banana, Neutral

Cocktail Slushy flavours* (taste like the cocktails – simply add alcohol and your will have a slushy cocktail)

Fruit tingle, Pina Colada, Illusion, Cosmopolitan, Margarita, Passionfruit Caprioska, Blue Lagoon, Sex on the Beach, Mojito, Frose.

Please download the instructions how to operate the machine here .

The machine requires access to power to operate. Moreover, you can add this machine to your food stall at your events. It will surely attract a great crowd to your stall. It consists of TWO 12L BPA-Free and shock-proof containers.

The Polycool 24L is simple to operate – you can rely on the high-performing Compressor that boasts low power consumption. Moreover, the display and containers are lit by long-life LEDs.

We deliver and pick up the slushie machine hire and other party accessories to the Sydney Metropolitan area. We also provide hire for marquees, furniture, lights and sound, stages, LED screens and more.You can hire for a small party to big functions from Star party Hire. Call our friendly team today to discuss all your event requirements.

* Our Cocktail slushy flavours are at an additional cost. 

How to make your slushie alcoholic:

Do not stress, making your slushie R-rated (with alcohol) is a simple process. You don’t even need to change the mixture of the slushie machine hire. All you have to do is put in the mixture as normal – with 1 part syrup to 4 parts water. Once that becomes frozen, then you can add your alcohol. You can add it in after you have poured the slushie into your cup, so that everyone can choose their favourite spirit to drink. Alternatively, you can add the alcohol into the slushie machine hire Sydney once the slushy process is complete. Wanting to know how much alcohol is suitable for each bowl of the slushie machine hire? We usually recommend adding 700ml-1000ml of alcohol per slush bowl.


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