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Event Chandelier hire for your marquees

Add a glorious look to your setup. Chandeliers are the ultimate ceiling centrepiece for creating a focal point at weddings and events. For venues where there is limited lighting or when existing lighting is harsh or can’t be dimmed, chandelier hire is the best option that is functional as well as beautiful. For a modern twist, chandeliers can hang in sets at varying heights. We normally will set up the chandelier during the setup of the marquee. Meaning, the chandelier will be hanged from top roof of the marquee.

SETUP CHARGE not included in the price, it will be $50 extra.

We supply chandeliers for weddings and events including all equipment hire, installation and removal. Our chandelier hire are best in the area because of reasonably priced products and packages. If you have a night event, it is best to add some more extra lights to your marquee hire. In addition to the chandeliers, we also supply fairy lights and party lights.

With a polished brass plated finish made in a classic style, it features 10 arms across two tiers. As the evening draws in and you want to create a more intimate at your event, we can supply our chandeliers for you. If you want to add some colour to your marquee though or want to turn your chandelier off all together in the evening, don’t forget we stock LED lights, PAR CAN Lights and many more. They can be set to any colour and have a range of effects, such as flash to the beat of music. If you have a question about this or any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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