SPH600 Medium Screen

Outdoor Event Screen Trailer
SPH600 – Medium Screen

About SPH600:

Our SPH600 trailer screen hire is tailored specifically to events. With its generous size and portability, it is perfect for displaying videos and images. Better yet, its height and orientation is adjustable too. This means that the height can be elevated (up to 2.5m) and can be moved in various directions. This customisability means that it can suit large events. Whether it is for a festival, club gathering, concert or sporting event, the SPH600 is an appropriate screening option!

This led screen hire Sydney has a lot of benefits. With its P6 pixel screen quality, it provides crystal clear images from distances further away. This makes it highly suitable to events where attendees are distanced from the screen. Perfect for any outdoor event or festival! In addition, it has various AV inputs that can be used. These include HDMI, SDI and DVI. Because of this, the trailer screen is compatible with a range of devices. Best of all, it also supports inputs for HD resolution as well. This means that the SPH600 can support specs of 720p or 1080p. Not only will this make your images clear, but bright too! Therefore, hire our trailer led screen hire Sydney today!

In addition, the SPH600 also has sound capabilities. With its sound system being 200W, it can generate sounds and visual images at the same time. As a result, the SPH600 can display text, images, videos, and more. So enquire about our trailer screen hire today before it sells out!

SPH600 Medium Screen

5.3 Sq Mt Trailer Screen Ideal for Events, Outdoor Movies, LIVE Video, LIVE TV etc.

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  • Screen Size: 3300×1800 mm
  • Screen Pitch: P6 SMD pixel
  • Trailer Size: 5x2x2.4 (LxWxH)

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