Outdoor Stage Hire

At Star Party Hire, we aim to provide a staging service which is varied and customisable. Due to this, we have a range of outdoor stage hire Sydney available. With our stages being able to withstand outdoor conditions, it can be used anytime of the year – even in our scorching summers or cold winter days! So, whether it be for a festival, community event, wedding, or cultural ceremonies, we can cater to it all! Therefore, enquire now with our highly experienced team today. 

Our outdoor stage range can also be highly tailored to suit your event needs. We can cater to events which are both big and small. Our outdoor stage hire Sydney begins with  1.2mx2.4m and can go up to 12mx12m. Because of this, we can create a stage which suits large piece bands, orchestras, artistic performances, or large ceremonies – and even more intimate ones too. In addition, the stage height is adjustable as well. We can make the stage height anywhere between 0.3m to 1.4m. As a result, we can create stages that are both low and high.Thus, giving you the option to choose which is most appropriate for your event. 

Best of all, we have a range of staging accessories to make your event hire a one stop shop. For safety, we have stairs which can be adjusted to the height of your stage. We have a range of these stairs in stock, so there is no shortage of how many you can have. Whether you desire two or more, we have the products to ensure that your staging set up is smooth and simple! In addition, we also have shading cover available too, if you want to provide some extra protection from the weather. In terms of aesthetics, we have the option of a black stage skirting. This will no doubt make your stage look cohesive! Therefore, enquire about our stage hire Sydney today! 


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