Structured Marquee Hire

So you’re planning to have a large event, or maybe you’re are celebrating a special day with the most important people in your life. Congratulations! We can help you make that event extra special without our Large Marquee Hire! Here at Star Party Hire, we have all types of structured Marquees for all your needs. Our marquees can transform a site into the most fabulous event venue.

These Marquees are made for medium to large gatherings. Our Wedding Marquee Hire surely makes a big impact. However, we also have marquees perfect for large functions such as corporate events, festivals, or even just a huge party.

Along with being elegant, our Large structured Marquee hire is a durable structure. It can withstand challenging wind conditions and accommodate different equipment like large furniture, speakers, lighting, and other party decoration. It can keep your guests comfortable on hot days and protect them from harsh weather conditions.

We know that Marquee Hire can be challenging at times. That is why our team will be at hand to deliver, install and dismantle the marquee after the event.

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