A Guide to the Best Wedding Marquee Hire

A Guide to the Best Wedding Marquee Hire

Sydney boasts a reasonably sunny climate with around 236 sunny or partly cloudy days a year. So rain’s probably the last thing on your mind when planning your outdoor wedding in this beautiful part of the country.

Yet, nowadays, if there’s one thing you can’t count on, it’s the weather. Even if it doesn’t rain, there’s a good chance your decor could blow away in a sudden gust of wind.

Bearing these factors in mind, wedding marquee hire is a sensible choice for your outdoor wedding in Sydney, or anywhere else for that matter.

Benefits of Wedding Marquee Hire

Apart from serving as a defence against the unpredictable weather, wedding marquee hire offers several other benefits.

Marquees bring a unique atmosphere to any occasion. Their temporary nature makes them seem slightly detached from reality, like a mythical fairytale venue that exists only for your special day.

From a practical point of view, they’re a much more flexible option than a brick and mortar venue. You can set up your marquee overlooking a particularly pretty vista, or in a location where it will catch the fading light of day from just the right angle.

You can set up a marquee almost anywhere, provided the ground’s reasonably flat and the relevant authorities are willing. If you locate it far enough away from the nearest neighbours, you needn’t worry about your guests partying the night away either.

When you hire a marquee, you’ll have far fewer rules and regulations with regard to decor than you’re likely to encounter with a hall or conference room too.

Although the costs of hiring a wedding venue vary widely, it’s safe to say that per person, a marquee’s going to be a cheaper option. The average cost of a wedding in Australia’s in the region of $36 000, so it’s a good idea to save on every aspect you can.

Types of Wedding Marquees

Deciding on the best type of outdoor marquee for your wedding, or any event depends on a few things. Firstly, you’ll need to determine what size marquee you need to accommodate all your guests.

If you already have a theme for your wedding, the next consideration would be which type of marquee fits in with what you already have planned. If not, your marquee hire options might just inspire you to come up with some creative ideas for your big day.

Either way, these are the main types of wedding marquees you can choose from:

Structured Marquees

Structured marquees are ideal if you’re hosting your wedding on an uneven surface like grass.

The biggest benefit of a structured marquee is that it’s supported entirely by the outside posts. So, there are no poles inside the tent. This means there’s nothing to interrupt the flow of your table layout and seating arrangements.

The entire frame’s made of a self-supporting aluminium frame, so there are no unsightly and dangerous guy ropes on the outside of the marquee either.

These types of marquees are flexible and versatile so you’ll have a variety of marquee hire sizes to choose from.

Clear Structured Marquee

Clear structured marquees have all the benefits of an ordinary marquee except the roof comprises a clear waterproof material. This shed some extra light on your occasion and give your wedding a unique feel.

Clear structured marquees are best for events where you don’t want the outside view obstructed too much, so they’re usually set up without sides.

You can order these marquees with clearor opaque walls if preferred.

One of the main benefits of structured marquees is that you can join them end to end to create very large venues if desired.

Other Types of Marquees

Smaller and less common types of marquees include traditional marquees with interior poles, teepees, gazebos, and stretch tents. However, these are usually more suited to more intimate occasions like birthday parties due to their size.

With so many different varieties to choose from, you can create exactly the ambience you want for your wedding day. Marquees suit fun low-key events just as well as swish, elegant occasions.

Decorating Your Wedding Marquee

Often, you can hire compatible items for marquee decoration when you order your marquee. These include silk drapes that attach to the roof or the marquee as well as a variety of other elements, like:

  • Event lights
  • Chairs and tables
  • Table linen and decor
  • Catering equipment
  • Stage floors and dance floors
  • LED Screens
  • Heaters
  • Wine Barrels and other party accessories

Marquees lend themselves to a variety of decor like baskets of flowers hanging from the roof, fairy lights, bunting, and paper lanterns.

What’s Involved in Marquee Hire?

Hiring a marquee for your wedding is easy and effortless. You simply choose your marquee and any extras you want to include in the rental and let the hiring company know when and where you need it.

They’ll arrive at the pre-arranged time to set up your marquee and take it down the next day. It’s best to hire your marquee a day early if you’re worried about having enough time to set everything up before your guests arrive.

Start Planning Your Perfect Day

When you work with a reputable wedding marquee hire company, you have one less thing to worry about on your big day.

With over 15 years of experience in event provisionand hundreds of happy customers, Star Party Hire is your first choice when planning the finer details of your big event.

It’s never too early, or too late, to start planning the wedding day of your dreams. Take a look at our selection of Sydney marquee hire options and take your pick now.

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