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Trailer Screen – SPH200


Width: 1800 mm

Length: 2800 mm

Height: 2400 mm

Price: $500 per day or $1500 per week. All prices exclude GST.

About our SPH200 Trailer Screen Hire:

Our SPH200 LED trailer screen hire is a perfect sign option! With its smaller yet effective size, it effectively displays any form of advertising or signage. Whether it is used for showing off products, roadworks, or information about your event, this SPH200 trailer screen hire is just what you need. Therefore, enquire about our portable led screen hire Sydney today!

The SPH200 trailer screen has a lot of desirable features. With its capacity to display colours across a screen size of 2560X1600 mm, it can beautifully display your images. In addition, the led lights have a strong brightness level of up to 6500 nits. Even better, it also has sensors for automatic brightness. This means that the brightness adjusts to the natural light. Therefore, your advertisement or images will pop! This will undoubtedly draw anyones eyes to the screen. The screen is visible at multiple distances. Because it can be viewed from 5 meters to 100 meters, it is easily visible up-close and afar.

In addition, the trailer screen is appropriate for outdoors. Since it is waterproof and weatherproof, it is sturdy and durable. Rain or shine, the SPH200 can advertise and display any image, all-year round! Adding to this, it is very strong since it is made from aluminium and steel. Above all, it considers safety too. Because it has a security lock, and chains for the wheels, it has safety in mind. This means that you can comfortably place it in public spaces without having to worry about it. Thus, our led screen hire Sydney is a top quality product.

Further to this, this portable led screen hire Sydney considers its users too! The screen’s programming is controlled via 3G and wireless systems. This definitely makes your life a lot easier because its controlled from afar. Thus, hire our SPH200 led screen hire Sydney today!

Other Products in our Range:

At Star Party Hire, we provide a range of trailer LED screen options. We like to give our customers a variety of choice, so that we can best suit to their needs. Included in this range are options for both mobile screens and trailer screens. Check out our trailer screen hire section to see the other options that we have.


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