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Dholki Hire for weddings Sydney

Make your special day more memorable. Use Dholki in your sangeet ceremony, weddings or in the folk, filmi, bhajan, keertan setting. This is a beautiful indian handmade wooden Dholki. It has two-headed hand-drum with Nuts and Bolts (Adjustable bolts for setting the pitch and the tone).

You can hire Dholki to play in traditional and classical music. However, with passage of time this has became a must to have instrument in all kinds of music and bands. Above this, this instrument is widely used in marriages and other ceremonial functions in many parts of the world. On one hand, it is one of the best Indian popular musical instrument. But due to its artistic value, it makes beautiful decorative item as well.

Hire for your indoor or outdoor events and parties. We offer a large variety of party rentals that can cater as per your needs in addition to the Dholki Hire. Moreover, we do Dhol Hire, ,Kirpan, Thali and many more cultural items hire in Sydney.

Hire in Sydney area, Blacktown area, western suburbs or other nearby suburbs. Additionally, we provide delivery and pick up services to your location. If it’s easier, you can come visit our warehouse


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